Fresh and highly energetic freestyle phenomenon, famous for his explosive mixing style, interaction with the crowd and pounding tracks. He has everything to become the next big thing in freestyle within no time. One of the hardest freestyle faces in this scene and definitely one to watch! Let us present to you a brand new addition to Fast Forward Bookings: Darcon Inc.

Sporting over 15 years of experience this natural born entertainer, music fanatic and out of the box minded producer, better known as Conrad Smit, is claiming his spot behind the DJ booth since the age of 16. Armed with his vinyl records he wanted to spread his music and break down parties all over The Netherlands.

This ambition became reality in 2003, when he launched the famous DJ group G-Tonix. Multiple collaborations with LNY TNZ, a record deal with the biggest “jumpstyle” label of Belgium: Jumper Records and several big international bookings in Belgium, Germany, Greece and France resulted to being one the biggest talents between 2004-2008. Tasting many hard dance genres and playing on the biggest jump, hardstyle and (early) hardcore events and clubs like: Reverze (BE), Complex (BE), The Bridge (DE), Starbeach (GR), Happydayzz (NL) and being resident in Hollywood Music Hall among huge artists like Digital Punk, Furyan, ANDY SVGE and MC Jeff makes him a true jack off all trades! With more than 250 bookings, Conrad decides to quit in 2008 and take a six-year-long-break.

In 2014 he made his comeback in the freestyle scene with Darcon Inc. winning all DJ contests he attended, he became resident on DJ Rob’s freestyle concept: Ultimate Stylez in 2016. His breakthrough was in 2017 when he attended festivals & concepts like: Rebl City, Baco’s & Bitches, Freaks, We Love Freestyle, Hardclassics on the Beach and the 50th birthday of Darkraver. After that he released his debut track “Rumble” on POW Records, smashed the charts and even took over the #1 spot at Supported by major artists in the free- and hardstyle scene!

Expect the hardest beats in a freestyle flow, as he pushes the boundaries to the very limit. One thing is sure, he strikes hard, extremely fast and leaves no venue in one piece!